Pakistanis are known for being big time foodies. You will see them having Dawats and meet-ups every now and then. They celebrate everything with food. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, death, or any reason for some people to get together, there will be food. Since Pakistanis are such big food lovers, they have specialties for every region too. 

While traveling around Pakistan, you will find exclusive and common dishes in every city, region, or province. Chapli kababs are also a very popular and liked dish all over the country. Made with different types of meat, especially Beef, these kababs have a very spicy and unique flavor. The spices and ingredients are mixed in a particular quantity with meat mince and then molded into the shape of kabab. Then the masala is fried with oil to make tender and delicious chapli kababs. 

The origin of Chapli kabab is actually Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is a very famous dish over there and you will find vendors selling them on streets commonly. In other regions, these patty kababs are found in restaurants or made at home. 

Chapli kabab specialty:

The best thing about Chapli kabab is you can make them in bulk and freeze them. Whenever you need them, you can just take them out, fry and they are ready to be served. They can be your savior to encounter uninvited guests and sudden family gatherings. People of every region enjoy and like them equally so you don’t have to worry about that too.

The best way to make lip smacking kababs is at home to ensure hygiene and perfect taste. You need to follow the right recipe correctly and you can also make a lot of other recipes using chapli kabab masala. In this blog, we have listed the most delicious and amazing Chapli kabab recipes. Let’s have a look at them:

Chapli Kabab Recipe

To make any other dish, the first step is to prepare the chapli kababs. The recipe is not very tough but needs a little more attention. You can find the best Chapli kabab recipe in Urdu and English on the Sooper chef website. The ingredients for Chapli kabab include regularly used spices from our kitchens and only a few will be unusual. To develop the perfect taste, make sure you follow the recipe and ingredients amount as suggested.

Chicken Reshmi chapli kabab:

Chapli kababs give their best taste when made with beef. But will also be very tasteful if you can make the chicken recipe with perfection. The chicken reshmi chapli kabab is one of the best chapli kabab recipes to make at home. The recipe will not turn your kababs dry or burnt. This extra tender and the creamy recipe will make your family go WOW! You can serve it with hari chatni or ketchup and they will be a perfect evening tea snack for the whole family.

Fettuccine pasta with Chapli kabab:

You can add chapli kababs on the top of your Fettuccine pasta. This Fettuccine pasta with Chapli kabab is a standing out dish for evening parties and everyone on the table will simply love the concept. Both dishes are very yummy and have their own fan base. Combining an international item ‘Pasta’ with Chapli kabab will add a perfect desi tarka to it. Try this out and don’t forget to share your experience.

Tortilla cheesy melts with Chapli kabab:

Chapli kabab ingredients wrapped in a tortilla with our special sauce will serve as a complete meal. You can make Tortilla cheesy melts with Chapli kabab will be a perfect dish for lunch or on dinner.  This very easy chapli kabab recipe will be your kids’ favorite lunch item too. The recipe is too healthy, juicy, and tasteful to resist. The exclusive cheesy sauce is its secret ingredient to make it more juicy and enhance the taste.

Chapli kabab roll:

You can also make a chapli kabab roll for lunch and it would be a great addition to your kids’ lunch menu. You can prepare chapli kabab masala beforehand and just fry it in the morning and wrap it in roti with veggies. The recipe is very easy and full of nutrition. Instead of unhygienic outside food, packing this roll in your husband, kids or your own lunch will save you from so many stomach issues. 

Chicken chapli kabab recipe:

The chicken chapli kabab masala recipe is very similar to the beef one except for the mince. If your children do not like beef or mutton, they will surely love this chicken chapli kabab recipe. You can make them in bulk and freeze them and then use them in different recipes just like the beef ones. They are nothing less in taste or protein. 

Chapli kabab sandwich:

How about pairing chapli kabab with a sandwich? That sounds like a great idea! You can make a very unique and delicious chapli kabab sandwich and add as many veggies and cheese as you want. Wouldn’t that make a perfect tea time snack for your guests and family? We assure that they will love it. You can serve it at your dinner table as well when you’re not in the mood of cooking anything heavy.


Chapli kabab was invented in KPK and they have a very unique and specific flavor. To bring that particular flavor, you need a perfect recipe and follow that very strictly. You can find the best chapli kabab recipe on but bringing our exclusive recipe to life in perfect form is totally your job. You can find the recipe of chapli kabab in Urdu and English both, to make it easier for you to understand. Do try these recipes and let us know about your experience.