20 Ramadan Recipes from Pakistani Food Menu

20 Ramadan Recipes from Pakistani Food Menu

20 Ramadan Recipes from Pakistani Food Menu

As the holy month for Muslims is about to arrive, Islam teaches us to fast from dawn to sunset, and the consumption of food and water is not allowed at all. Food items play an integral part during the fasting. Before the start of Fajr prayers, Muslims are bound to eat Sehri that keeps them energized during the complete hectic day. Majority of the people like to eat desi dishes living in Pakistan as it curbs our appetite and controls hunger in an effective manner. Moreover, foodies love to enjoy curry recipes and other delectable dishes that they can easily cook within the comfort of their homes. As the sunset is there, it calls for the Azaan of Maghrib, a time to break the fast. This type of meal is usually a celebration for fasting and struggling with a hectic long roza. Desserts are also considered to be eaten among samosas, pakoras and other fried food items. Energizing homemade juices makes the time of Iftaar so tempting and relieves your stomach with a natural cooling effect. Here is the list of top 20 Ramadan recipes for Sehri and Iftaar that you would love to have during the upcoming month of Ramadan.

Tandoori Chicken Recipe

This one mouthwatering and the spicy rich flavored chicken recipe is loved by the foodies for the perfect Iftaar dinner. It is prepared via roasting the chicken that is normally marinated in the yogurt. The roasting process is done in a clay oven, commonly known as a tandoor. Watch the 1-minute instant video and get the complete recipe here.

Thandai Recipe

This pure desi delightful drink is a mix of many ingredients that provides a sensational and cooling effect on the stomach and entire body. The drink is prepared with a mix of watermelon kernels, saffron, rose petals, almonds that are grinded properly, cardamom, and sugar as a sweetener. Enjoy this drink during the holy month. Get the complete recipe here.

Chicken Cheese Paratha

Chicken Cheese Paratha is an ultimate choice for the time of Sehri and it makes the early eating so healthy, nutritious and energizing to keep you charged throughout the day, especially if you are running short of time to cook other dishes that require a lot of time. It is a perfect combination of chicken and cheese rolled inside the wheat dough to make a perfect paratha. Get the complete recipe here.

Pineapple Banana Smoothie

You can enjoy having this drink both at the time of Sehri or Iftaar. All you need is the slices of pineapple, two bananas, four tbsp raw yogurt and half cup of orange juice. Now, put all the ingredients in the blender and blend it in a thorough manner. Your delicious smoothie is ready to satisfy your thirst. Get the complete recipe here.

Mutton Ginger Recipe

Mutton is one of the most admired and eaten dishes not only in this country but it is popular across the world. Mutton word generally refers to a meat of a sheep or goat and is rich in nutritional value as it is loaded with huge amount of protein. This dish is not going to disappoint you at all. Give it a try during Iftaar. Get the complete recipe here.

Beef Pulao Recipe

Beef Pulao Recipe is same as any sort of other rice recipes such as chicken pulao, mutton pulao or veggie pulao. No doubt, it has a complete distinctive taste that differentiates it among the others on simple grounds as chopped beef pieces are added to make it taste more delectable with the addition of easily available spices within your kitchen. Try this nutritious and stomach fulfilling recipe by watching the one-minute instant cooking video. Get the complete recipe here.

Lahori Hareesa Recipe

The Lahori Hareesa Recipe is so popular as the breakfast recipe of the entire city of Lahore, but its rich taste has dominated over the desi dishes. The word

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