Chicken is the most eaten meat around the world. Hundreds of different and yummy recipes make it the most popular dish. You can never get enough of it and we have prepared the list of best chicken recipes to have a new dish on the table every night. 

These quick and easy chicken recipes are enough to make you win the title of ‘Sooper Chef’ of the family. These are healthy, tasty, and super easy to make. 

Fried chicken recipes: 

Just marinate some chicken with spices and fry it in oil. This very easy chicken recipe is instant and delicious when paired with tomato ketchup or hari chatni.

Chicken roti wrap:

This chicken roti wrap is a hygienic and healthy chicken recipe, best for the school lunch of your kids. The marinated and fried chicken, wrapped in a tortilla along with veggies and sauces is full of nutrition and taste. Perfect lunch box item for your husband, kids, or even for yourself. Make it and enjoy.

Chili chicken recipe:

Another out of the world recipe to enjoy chicken in a different way is Chili chicken, made with sauce and spices. The dish is an Indo-Chinese mixture with a desi plus international flavors. This would be a great dinner recipe to treat your family. 

Grilled Chicken recipe:

If you like mild spices with fewer calories, opt for grilled chicken. You can grill the marinated chicken on a griller or in a grilling pan and use it in different recipes, such as:

Grilled chicken pasta:

To take the grilled chicken to the next level, pair it with pasta and mushroom sauce. Homemade pasta will taste equally good if you will follow the recipe correctly. 

Grilled Chicken Burger:

Place the grilled chicken between a bun along with veggies, salad, and sauces. It will be a perfect grilled chicken recipe for kids to satisfy their fast-food cravings. 

Grilled chicken salad:

Nobody likes to eat plain salads but sometimes you just have to. But now, instead of eating boring salads, you can switch to the grilled chicken salad for a better taste while keeping your dieting interrupted. Very light and healthy, this recipe will keep you in shape along with giving a complete taste.

Tandoori chicken recipe: 

Tandoori chicken is a traditional desi flavor and Asian chicken recipe, prepared with a bunch of spices. If you love spicy food, this will be your item. You can make it as spicy as you want by increasing the amount as per your choice. You can utilize the recipe in various ways such as:

Tandoori chicken sandwich:

This sandwich made with tandoori flavored chicken and cheese will be a great snack for you. Satisfy your taste buds by pairing it with mayo and ketchup. Your kids will love this sandwich in their lunch. And it will be a perfect partner for your evening tea time.

Tandoori chicken pasta recipe:

You can add tandoori chicken in your pasta too, to enhance its taste. Prepare the tandoori chicken and add it to your red sauce pasta to make an Asian version of this Italian dish, perfect for family dinners.

BBQ chicken recipe: 

BBQ chicken is another Pakistani style of cooking chicken on coals. If not coals, you can prepare it in-house too through different methods. You can marinate chicken with BBQ sauce and spices and cook it to make different mouthwatering recipes:

BBQ chicken with garlic rice:

To have a complete meal for lunch or dinner, make garlic rice with BBQ chicken and with special sauce. It will be a dish to cherish for a long time.

BBQ chicken bites:

Fried BBQ marinated chicken bites will be a perfect tea-time snack to enjoy with family. It is a very simple chicken recipe to make and very delicious too.

Chicken Tikka matka biryani:

How can we forget adding chicken to the national favorite dish, Biryani? You can find a very delicious and different recipe for making Chicken tikka Matka biryani at It will be ‘dish of the day’ for your next family feast and your family will remember it for a long time.

Butter chicken biryani:

Since we are on the topic, how about creating a very unusual and unique biryani recipe? Add butter chicken flavor to your biryani and amaze everyone with how well it is going to work out. Follow our butter chicken biryani recipe from our website.

Steamed Chicken seekh kabab:

If you’re diet conscious but still can’t miss out on Kababs, this is the recipe for you. Make steamed chicken seekh kabab with minimal calories and enjoy the taste of kabab in a unique way.

Chicken tikka buns:

One bite of chicken tikka buns is a very unique and tasty item, especially for the kids. You can make this very simple item at your kids’ birthday party and make all the kids your fan. Don’t blame us if you get multiple requests to make this again & again.

Chicken qorma recipe:

Chicken qorma is the must-have for every family feast and a very common everyday recipe too. Try out our exclusive recipe to make Qorma and your whole family will fall in love with it. 

Lahori Chargha:

The Chargha is a specialty of Lahore and why would you spend a lot of money at a restaurant when you can just make it at home. The homemade Chargha will be more hygienic and with our recipe, a lot more delicious too.

Chicken pakoras:

Pakoras are loved by everyone and adding another favorite to it will be a great idea to implement. You can make chicken pakoras to enjoy both items in one go. 


We hope you liked the suggestions and would definitely try out all of these. Don’t forget to share your experience and feedback for us to improve in the future.