Celebrate this Eid with Sooperchef Special Eid Recipes

Eid means cheer, joys, celebrations and happiness al together. Eid teaches you to love, laugh and stay connected to your family and society. There are two major Eids that are celebrated and cherished by Muslims across the globe, commonly known as Eid ul Fitr, the celebration of fasting during the whole month of Ramadan, and Eid ul Adha, the festival of sacrifice in the name of Allah. Eid ul Fitr is just around the corner and the first Eid day will start with the prayers and charity towards the needy and poor.After that, three days of Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated among family and friends with sweet dishes, desserts, happy lunches and dinners across the families.The start of the Eid ul Fitr is held by performing the early morning Eid prayer, usually at the central mosque or at an open field due to huge participation of Muslims in the prayer. After the prayers, Muslims embrace eachother saying Eid Mubarak and hugging each other in this part of the worlds as the goodwill gesture.

Celebrating with Sweet Dishes

Pakistanis celebrate Eid ul Fit by cooking sweet Eid special recipes and sharing the sweet food among family. Eid ul Fitr is also known as the Sweet Holiday, since sweet eid recipes are prepared and SooperChef brings you a variety of sweet dishes videos that you can easily learn by watching 1-minute instant cooking videos. Pakistani families usually try eid recipes in Urdu and cook delicious desserts themselves and celebrate Eid at home with loved ones.Special Pakistani dishes that are cooked at home consist of vermicelli noodles, kheer, halwa, Falooda and much more. There is a wide range of eid dishes and eid recipes that are available at Sooperchef. You can just search your favorite dish and follow 1-minute instant cooking video for Eid ul fitr meal preparations.

Celebrating the Rest of the Day

Majority of Pakistani families get together to prepare and eat a family lunch or dinner that consist of delicious dishes like Chicken karahi, Chicken Roast, Biryani or even they try considering Continental recipes to serve best meal to their families. People attend their relatives as guests or hosts during 3 days Eid ul Fitr celebrations. Mostly, friends gather to enjoy BBQ parties at Eid in the evening time. You can also try BBQ dishes for your family to celebrate Eid that are available at Sooperchef.