This Is How Air Pollution Really Affects Our Body

This Is How Air Pollution Really Affects Our Body

This Is How Air Pollution Really Affects Our Body

Air pollution also known as ozone or tiny particle consisting of the air are a cause of more harm in this couple of decades due to polluted environment and hazards that humans are causing, ultimately making a damage to the ozone layer. But, we can cope up with that by healthy eating of Most Influential Spring Superfoods for Our Human Body

BetterRead has gathered a couple of unique information that you need to know and how to protect yourself in the best possible way to protect yourself from the polluted environment.

Rise in the risk of autism

Smog surrounds once or twice in the year all across our country and most of the metro cities are filled with smog and they create a real harm to pregnant women, causing twice the chances to have newborn babies with the disease of autism. But, it is not certain up till now that how the air pollution affects the brain development. On the other side, during the third trimester of pregnancy, the greater the exposure of smog, the greater the risk of autism happens to the newborn, a recent study came to the conclusion.

Damaging your Lungs and heart

A short-term exposure to the traffic causing pollution on a busy street can make an impact on the heart and lungs directly and this encounter of the air pollution on metro streets creates a havoc to the health of our lungs and heart. It is best advised that if you go for a morning walk or jogging in a routine manner, try to opt for a healthy surrounding and environment such as a park or going on a town side for a morning walk.

Infertility Problems in men

A recent study proved the fact that air pollution is directly linked to poor sperm count and quality, thus, making certain problems with infertility. Pollution of any kind is directly having a link with a low volume of sperms in comparison with an average normal sperm. So, for men, a certain fresh environment to breathe their selves out during the daytime is recommended for a healthy lifestyle.

Weak bones

Polluted air is the cause of increased risk for diseases such as osteoporosis that is directly related to fractures. Even a small source of pollution, such as wood smoke, car exhaust or power plant emission might end up leading to an increase in fractures of bones in elder adults. People living in polluted areas that are more common in our country are directly exposed to more porous bones.

Harm to kidneys

There is no surprise to the fact that our daily life habits can create an increase in the risk of kidney problems. Air quality levels that are really polluted has increased the risk of certain kidney diseases, causing harm than doing good for the kidneys. The higher the level of polluted air, the greater the risk lies for our kidneys. These tiny microscopic dust particles of pollution enter down our bloodstream and since the kidneys have to play a major role to filter our blood, the organ gathers loads of pollutant particles.

Skin Aging

There are certain places on earth that are densely polluted such as China, where pollution is severe up to the extreme and it shows that the people out there suffers a lot from the aging of the skin. The particles or substances in the air pollution creates a damage to our skin cells and directly impact with the ability of the skin to repair itself. The result, therefore, is terrifying, creating wrinkles, loose folds of skin and age spots as well.

Causing headaches

One recent study has found out that the patients with severe migraines and other types of headaches during the daytime when the air is polluted are present in the hospital in the high ratio as compared to the other cases. Polluted air levels are a deniable fact to create triggers that cause a severe headache. On the other side, there are other reasons for people to have migraines and headaches as well.

Lung diseases

It makes an absolute sense, pollution creates a direct impact on our lungs. Fine dust particles that are tiny enough gets inhaled deep into our lungs and we know that the exposure to the higher level of ozone or polluted air can worsen our lung function. So, if you are already suffering from asthma or smoking-related issues that are causing a lung disease, you can find yourself in the hospital, or you will be in a need of instant medication more often during highly polluted seasonal changes or days.

Risk of heart attack or stroke

Your heart and pollutants in the environment is certainly a bad mix that you really don

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