These Concussion Signs Must Never Be Ignored

These Concussion Signs Must Never Be Ignored

These Concussion Signs Must Never Be Ignored

A concussion is an injury to the brain that is traumatic and it certainly makes a bad impact on the brain functionality. Usually, the effects are temporary but can include having problems with memory, the balance of the body, concentration, lack of focus and coordination. This injury is normally caused by an accident or a blow to the head, injuring your skull and damaging the brain.

So, anyone with such symptoms must be having a routine checkup by a health care physician. If you are one of the unfortunate people with such injury, do not be dependent on your own assessment of symptoms as it may worsen and need to be re-evaluated.

BetterRead has gathered these signs that must never be ignored with the concussion.

Worry staying alert

If the person is not fully oriented or attentive and focused within the half an hour after the trauma, that creates a real concern. However, some of the physicians explain that some of the symptoms related to concussion might not show up all of a sudden. You need to analyze the victim for indications of confusion, and responding in a slow or delayed manner to the questions.

Bleeding from the ear

If you are not certain about the cause of direct injury to the ear, you need to get evaluated. Blood dripping out of the ear shows a symptom of a serious skull fracture that might have done a damage to the blood vessel or even the lining around the brain. But don

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