Early Symptoms of Gum Diseases You Must Not Be Ignoring

Early Symptoms of Gum Diseases You Must Not Be Ignoring

Early Symptoms of Gum Diseases You Must Not Be Ignoring

Majority of the people living on this planet have some sort of gum disease that really go unnoticed. Here are some of the symptoms that we ignore and might have one of them. So, it is better to look forward and read before the situation gets out of control.

Red or swollen gums

Swelling as a type of puffy, reddish, or tender gums could be a symptom of periodontal disease also known as gum disease. Inflammation happens due to bacteria that surrounds around the teeth and penetrates when it is not properly removed by brushing, flossing and a routine checkup by your dentist. It is better to treat your teeth wisely before the condition gets worse and leads to periodontitis, a serious type of gum disease that further form pockets and cause infection.

Blood in the sink

If you are spitting blood after gargling or brushing, take notice of it because bleeding after brushing is a symptom of gingivitis which is a type of gum disease that leads to bleeding gums, especially after eating or brushing your teeth. Fortunately, it can be looked after with regular brushing and flossing.

Wiggly teeth

Lose teeth in your mouth that move slowly when pushed gently with the help of your tongue or finger is another indication that a serious disease is on its way to your gums. You must visit a dentist on a prior basis.

Gum recession

Smile bright and big, open your mouth and take a deep look in the mirror. If you see the space in between your teeth that look alike small black triangles, that is a symptom that your gums are receding.

Plaque Appearance

The combo of routine dental checkup and daily brushing with flossing can prevent plaque from happening. Plaque adds up to various gum diseases. Plaque is basically a sticky covering that usually forms on teeth and if you don

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