Effective Home Remedies for Itchy or Dry Skin

Effective Home Remedies for Itchy or Dry Skin

Effective Home Remedies for Itchy or Dry Skin

Have you always felt an urge to scratch your arm, forehead, head or just any other part as you feel itchy most of the time due to dry skin or skin related issues? Yes, we are always here to help you out to have a better and healthy living style.

BetterRead has collected some of the coolest, natural and 100% pure home-made remedies to tame your itchy or dry skin.

Sheeny on coconut or olive oil

The perfect treatment for itchy or dry skin must have been hidden in your kitchen drawers. Go and find it out for your own self. Coconut or olive oil are made for the hydration of skin and leave your skin with a smooth and velvety gentle touch. Most of the dermatologists recommend such type of oils to be used. All you need to do is simply slather it on any itchy or dry areas of your body and see the miracles of it that will certainly make all of a sudden kind of an impact. Moreover, it is easy on your pocket as well.

Minute Amount of oatmeal to your bath

Another most used kitchen staple to our daily life cooking meals, yes, oatmeal is of a great help when it comes to soothe your itchy or dry skin. You need to simply put a small quantity of powdered oats into your bathtub. Bathing with this technique is going to supply anti-inflammatories and a luke coating for your skin. They serve perfectly for the irritation caused by the urge of an itch to your skin. You also need to figure out, if any of the skin care products that you are applying are expired or stay a cause of an itch to your skin.

Crisco as a Moisturizer

Crisco, a type of veggie shortening isn

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