Eight Foods Misleadingly Accused Of Being Bad For Us

Eight Foods Misleadingly Accused Of Being Bad For Us

Eight Foods Misleadingly Accused Of Being Bad For Us

Nutrition has always has been one of the hottest topics. Everyone wants to know about the foods that are good for their bodies and which can harm them. But at times, even scientists can get it wrong and have to take back or revise their statements months or even years later. has put compiled together a list of such scientific mishaps to share with all of its sooper readers so that you have all the information to make the superlative possible choices!

Whole Milk

For decades, we had been told to stick to the skimmed version of milk to decrease the amount of fats consumption. On the other hand, recent studies have shown that the whole fats in milk carry a lot of necessary nutrients to our bodies and even make blood more durable to certain types of cancer. Moreover, whole milk is actually proven to help you stay leaner and also to reduce the risk of diabetes!


Quite a few decades ago, people were led to suppose that salt was really bad for them. They were frightened by consequences such as high blood pressure, heart and kidney troubles, and so on. And while everything is good as long as it is taken in moderation, studies conducted in the 2000s demonstrate no direct relationship between lowering your salt intake and suffering from hypertension or heart disease. In contrast, when we stop consuming sodium, our bodies discharge hormones and enzymes that amplify our blood pressure.


You might have been told too to limit your egg consumption because of cholesterol and its ability to clog arteries and enlarge the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes. A decade later, scientists admit that they made a mistake as there are actually two types of cholesterol, and eggs contain the good one. Moreover, eggs are a great source of iron and protein and the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect you against age-related eye disorders like macular degeneration and cataracts.


For quite a long, long time, this loyal movie partner of ours was labeled to be junk food. Nevertheless, it was recently discovered that popcorn has more antioxidants (called polyphenols) than fruits and vegetables. And studies show that polyphenols drop off the risk of heart disease and cancers. Another benefit of popcorn: it is VERY low in calories and is a whole-grain food. But to enjoy health and popcorn together, make sure that they are not containing or topped with any artificial added flavorings like butter and cheese. The best way to enjoy popcorn is by making it at home!


Just like popcorn, the story pizza is the same. There is nothing harmful about pizza if you are making it at home! In actual fact, pizza could be a great source of various nutrients like protein, veggies, a few carbs (when made with a whole-wheat crust), and your favorite fresh or dried herbs. A perfect and efficient 3-in-1 deal! Click here to learn how to make a very tasty pizza at home!


Chocolate is also one of the foods that are falsely accused as an enemy of our health. Science suggests that good chocolate can actually boost your health quite a bit! (By

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