Qurbani 101: Beef cuts explained

Qurbani 101: Beef cuts explained

Qurbani 101: Beef cuts explained

In our previous article, we went over the different cuts of the goat. However, since many of you might be sacrificing a cow this Eid or reserving your hissa in one we think it's necessary to know about the different cuts of the cow. In this, we will explain to you all about beef cuts.

The Rib-Eye Cut

This cut is as the name says, from the ribs. Your Qasai will take off the fat around it first and separate the meat from the primal rib bones and then bring you chunks of it. Usually, in Pakistan meat is chopped into small pieces but you can also tell your butcher to make steak sized cuts. This part is excellent for grilling and making a roast.

The loin CUT

  This cut is from the rear end portion of the cow. This is called puth ka gosht. There is a lot of kidney fat at this part, so make sure your butcher removes that. Underneath, you'll get Tenderloin, Sirloin and what we call Undercut. It's along the edge of the spine of the cow. It's the tender part of the cow and has a lot of flavor. Again, because these are more easily cooked than the rest of cow meat and has enhanced taste, it's perfect to make steaks and fillets.

The Undercut

  In Pakistan, undercut is very famous. This is again from the puth area.  This is found on each side of the cow's vertebrae. It's softest to cook compared to the rest of the meat. In desi speak we can say asani se galne wala cut. All of the fancy dishes like beef chili, stir-fried beef and beef Chinese dishes are made from this. This is also Pakistani Chefs' favorite cut to make steaks from.

The Shanks (Bong)

Shin and shank cut is prepared from either Forequarter/Hindquarter legs. We also call this Bong Ka Gosht. The bone here has a lot of miq in it that's filled with taste. The tastiest dish you get out of this is Nihari.

Round Cut

Round Cut basically comes from the leg of the cow. Remember, one key difference between goat and cow meat is that it's more fleshy in comparison. So you have a lot of gol boti rather than bone. This is used to make dishes like pasandey. It can be grounded into mincemeat and you can make tasty kebabs out of it.

This is it, if you learned something new, let us know in the comments.

We wish you a very happy Eid!

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Thanks for writing it down, in Lahore/Pakistan my dad always used to bring meat and my mum would cook but here in London, I am the one who needs to buy it from the butcher’s, cook it and eat , on one else likes it that much . Can you please make a video on how to buy different cuts of meat like bong, Siri, pasanaday. When I go for shopping the butcher asks me ,what do you want to keep or discard and i don’t know what to keep or discard especially in siri. Thanks in advance Read More