Ramzan is a holy month of blessings, celebrated all around the world by the Muslim community. Millions of Muslims around the world fast throughout the month from sun rise to sun set.  Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar (moon calendar). So upon the sight of the moon, Ramadan comes during different weathers. Summer Ramadan has the longest fast duration. Staying hungry and thirsty during hot summer days is most difficult and more rewarding.

Fasting in summer:

Fasting in summer could be hard in many means. You can stay hungry for a while but staying thirsty for the whole day is the real challenge. During the month, our water intake drops hence cause so many health and skin issues.

One major issue that is common during Ramzan is dehydration. The water level of the body decreases and that affects our health. The skin becomes dry, the kidney starts hurting and your body starts getting weak. Other than that, due to fasting for maximum hours of the day, your body nutrient also starts to drop. 

Maintaining your diet during Ramzan:

While Ramzan is a chance of collecting as many blessings as you can, not following a proper diet could cause health issues too. Since fasting is obligatory for Muslims, you can leave that. But you can maintain your hydration and nutrient level by drinking special Ramzan drinks full of energy and necessary minerals.  

We have brought a list of Ramzan special sharbat and drinks to keep you hydrated and healthy. Consuming these drinks at Sehri or Iftari will fulfill the mineral requirements of your body and keep you fresh and healthy. 

Skin health and Ramzan drinks:

Eid-ul-Fitar is the biggest festival of the year for Muslims Since it is celebrated right after Ramzan, so many people; especially ladies are concerned about the glow and freshness of their skin and face. Water is the basic necessity to keep your skin and face young and fresh. The drinks we are going to mention are equally beneficial for your skin just like your body health. 

Ramzan drinks:

Ramzan special sharbat should have maximum nutrients and minerals to keep up with your body requirements. That is why most Ramzan sharbats are naturally extracted drinks without artificial flavoring. 

Some very refreshing and tasty Ramzan sharbats are listed below:

Peach squash: Peach squash is a refreshing and full of flavor recipe. This Ramzan sharbat will help your body to feel refreshed and gain instant energy. The drink is a very good choice to boost your energy in Iftari and get ready for Namaz e Tarawi without feeling dull. 

Water Melon drink: Water melon is 90% water. No other drink is as good as this to fulfill your body’s water requirement. It contains mint leaves which are also very refreshing. Do try out watermelon drink this Ramzan for a tasteful experience.

Keri ka sharbat: The most refreshing and energy-boosting drink to make you feel alive all over again. Keri ka sharbat is a quite well-received item of Iftari and you can stand out with our easy and delicious recipe of making this to serve your family and guests.

Imli-Alubukhare ka sharbat: The most liked and trusted drink to beat the heat. You will find a lot of stalls in markets and streets selling Imli-Alubukhara sharbat in summer else Ramadan. That’s the instant heat resistant and refreshing drink to wake you up. Making this at home is also not very difficult. Just find the right recipe and your family will love your hard work.

Thandai/Sardai: Thandai is a traditional and very delicious drink to get an instant energy boost. The drink is made with almonds and other dry fruits and tastes amazing. This drink will restore your energy if taken at Iftari and give you the energy to survive the day if taken during Sehri. 

Jamun ka sharbat: Java plum, known as Jamun in Pakistan, is a very healthy and full of vitamins fruit. Its juice is also full of minerals and vitamins. It will also be a good addition to your table. Jamun juice is an unusual but tasty drink and will be a good surprise for your special guests.

Elaichi ka sharbat: Elaichi (Cardamom) is very good for your stomach and improves digestion. Stomach issues are very common during Ramzan. This sharbat will resolve that issue and keep your body humidified.

Peach iced tea: Peach Iced tea is a very cool addition to the Ramzan sharbats list. It will beat the heat and keep you in form. The recipe is quite simple and time saving. You can also prepare and save it for several days.

Where to find the recipes:

All these Ramzan special sharbat are very refreshing and energizing. Your energy and stamina will be restored by keeping any one of them on the Iftar table. These will help you gain the spirit back so you can actively perform your religious activities like praying and Tarawis etc. 

The secret is to find good recipes and follow the ingredients and quantity carefully. You can find the easiest and delicious recipes on


It is hard to drink plain water in bulk quantity no matter how much you need it. These delicious drinks will serve the purpose through taste and energy. You can never go wrong with any of them. Do try them throughout the month and let us know how well did you like these.