Sandwiches are the most liked and delicious snack. These are equally loved by kids and adults all around the world. The sandwich consists of meat and vegetables placed between two pieces of bread. The sandwich recipes are countless and the easiest to make. You can have them as evening snacks, at high tea parties, or give them to your kids for lunch. This recipe is multifunctional and loved in every form. 

The difference in types of sandwiches comes from the type of meat, ingredients, and sauces. The basic idea for all is the same, you have to put everything in between two bread slices. 

If we talk about the origin of a sandwich, the credit goes to an English gambler, John Montagu. He was playing in a club one night and ordered his cook to get him something to eat while playing. The cook put meat between the bread pieces and gave him. He was so focused on the game that he didn’t want to get up and have a full meal.

Since then, the sandwiches have become very popular and people eat them as a snack or light meal. Well, the invention was quite delicious and credit goes to the gambler and his chef. 

Best sandwich recipes:

There was a time when sandwiches were eaten as a side dish or snack. Now, by adding new flavors and heavy ingredients, they serve as a full meal too. Here are a few best sandwich recipes to try:

Club sandwich recipe: 

The club sandwich is the most popular and liked recipe all around the globe. You will find club sandwiches wherever you go in the world. The sandwich contains chicken, vegetables, and egg (boiled or fried). These sandwiches are the easiest to make and taste good too. Could be served as an evening snack or in a hi-tea party or your kid’s lunch.

Chicken sandwich:

With a very rich quantity of chicken, this sandwich has cheese and different sauces. The perfect sandwich for chicken lovers as that is its main ingredient. Follow a good recipe and your family members and guests would love it.

Steak sandwich recipe:

This sandwich has meat steak along with vegetables and cheese. This is quite heavy and enough full meal for one person. The steak and sauces make a perfect combination to make a delicious sandwich recipe. You can include these in your hi-tea menu or serve them to your guests with juice.

Loaded cheesy sandwich recipe:

The very delicious, new, and very well received, exclusive recipe of Sooper chef is getting popular every day. The loaded cheesy sandwich is a heavenly recipe for cheese lovers. It is wrapped in cheese and enough for one time meal. You can find the recipe at and amaze your guests with your amazing cooking skills. 

Chicken Panini sandwich recipe:

Chicken Panini sandwiches are also a new revolution in sandwiches. These sandwiches have special ingredients like cream, garlic powder, and onion powder to marinate and cook chicken tikka. They taste luscious and a perfect dinner or lunch item.  The sandwich is very creamy and juicy, your kids are going to love it.

Chicken sandwich cake recipe:

If you’re not a sweet tooth and don’t like cakes and pastries, this recipe is for you. The chicken sandwich cake is a cake made of sandwiches, topped with mayonnaise & cream, and has vegetable garnishing. It is a perfect birthday cake for people who do not like regular cakes and can also be made for special occasions like New Year or Eid celebrations. You can find the chicken sandwich cake recipe at 

Sandwich bread recipe:

The most necessary ingredient of a sandwich is bread. You can use regular bread to make a sandwich too but that would take away from its traditional taste. 

If you can’t find or don’t want to buy the sandwich bread from the market, you can prepare that at home also. The recipe is pretty simple and that bread will be more hygienic.

Paratha sandwich recipe:

What would be better and healthier than a bread sandwich? A Paratha sandwich. Paratha sandwich is made of flour and is healthier, without compromising on taste. That would be a perfect breakfast or lunch item for your kids and they will love it. 

Pizza sandwich recipe:

If you have a sandwich maker at home and want to experience refined pizza taste in the form of a sandwich, this is the recipe for you. You can make a delicious pizza sandwich at home and your kids will forget to go to the restaurant again. Try out the mouth watering recipe and enjoy. 

Nutella sandwich recipe:

Nutella sandwich is a treat for the sweet tooth. It is an innovation in traditional sandwich recipes by including sweetness instead of spices. Nutella chocolate tastes delicious when mixed with bread, you can also add some fruits to enhance its taste.

Scrambled eggs sandwich recipe:

Most people love eggs in their sandwiches. If you’re one of those, you will simply love this recipe. Scrambled eggs sandwich is a very delicious and easy recipe. 

Korean street sandwich recipe:

Korean street style sandwiches are made with readymade ingredients and are the perfect breakfast dish for people who love omelets in the morning. The recipe is very easy and simple and you can prepare one within minutes. Try out one to have a taste of international flavor and you will get addicted to it. 


Sandwiches are very delicious and tasteful snacks can be customized with different recipes and ingredients. You can just add chicken spread with bread to make an instant sandwich and it will work as an appetizer or satisfy your mistime hunger.