The whole month of Ramadan mainly consists of two meals per day. It is very rare and hard to eat between Iftari and Sehri as you already eat enough at Iftari. So the maximum focus and survival throughout the month are on these two meals of the day only. That is why everyone tries to make sure that these meals are healthy and energetic enough to survive the whole month without falling sick.

If we would say that Sehri is the toughest time to cook, all of you would agree for sure. You are tired and sleepy but have to get up and make Sehri for your family or they will have to stay hungry without eating Sehri. That is very unhealthy and hard too. So the only solution you need is to find very quick and easy recipes for Sehri that won’t take much time and effort to cook. 

We have gathered some very easy and healthy recipes for Sehri for you that will keep you energetic and healthy throughout the day.

Sehri recipes:

Not eating healthy and savory food in Sehri will make you fall ill. Since we have to survive the whole day on that one meal you have to make sure that you eat well. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform your religious duties too.

Anda paratha 

The Anda paratha Sehri recipe is the oldest and, we can say, trusted, recipe to eat in Sehri that will keep you full and energetic for the whole day. Our grandparents also had the same Sehri and here we are still keeping the tradition going. 

To give some innovative touch, you can replace the parathas with lacha paratha which is heavier and healthier.  Your family members, especially those who have to go out to work and school during fast, won’t lose their energy till the middle of the day at least.  

Bread Omelet

The bread omelette Sehri recipe is a good replacement for anda paratha. Omelet is a universally liked dish for breakfast. You can add cheese to it in order to make it more tasty. It is a very popular breakfast item and your family would love to eat it in Sehri too. 

You can put omelets on bread and toast them together to make a different but equally yummy item for Sehri.

Lacha Paratha recipe

Lacha paratha is a very heavy, crispy, and tasty form of paratha. You can make it with the same dough, just need to add some extra steps in making regular paratha. You can pair that with egg, omelet, gravy, or any home cooked salan and your Sehri will be something you will remember for the whole day. 

You can also make lacha paratha with alu or qeema to enhance the taste even more. Lacheydar qeema paratha will be a very healthy and delicious item for Sehri that your kids will demand every day. 

ShakShuka Recipe:

Try out this protein filled breakfast recipe to introduce something new to your regular menu. This recipe contains vegetables, eggs, and gravy mixed together to form a super delicious dish that your kids and family would love at the Sehri table.

This is a new and very unusual dish for our eating habits but the taste and aroma are worth giving a shot. You can find the recipe on Sooper chef’s website and let us know how well you liked it!

Mooli ka paratha

Parathas are the highlight of Sehri. No one could survive the long summer fast without filling your stomach to the maximum. That is why we need variety in them so we won’t have to eat the same thing every day. For that, you can try the Mooli ka paratha recipe to make Sehri more tasteful. 

The concept is not new but the method and ingredients are. Follow our exclusive recipe to make the best mooli parathas you will ever taste.

Talbina recipe:

Another amazing recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth. Talbina is made of Barley and milk, garnished with almonds and pistachios to make a very sweet and tasty dish. These would be a perfect complimentary dish for Sehri, which is very simple and easy to prepare. You can soak barley overnight and make talbina in the Sehri very easily. Replace the milkshake or tea with this item and complete your Sehri with a sweet addition.

Palak phulka recipe:

Remember watching ‘Popeye-The sailor man’ cartoons when we were kids? The secret to his instant energy was Spinach (Palak) and you also need that kind of energy. Eating Palak phulka in Sehri will ensure that. If you are a veggie lover and love Desi cuisine, you will love this healthy and mouthwatering item in Sehri. 

It is also very simple and instant to make. You can prepare the dough at the night and just make it like regular phulka topped with Desi ghee for better taste.

Anda Chanay Kofta Recipe

Anda chanay is a very popular breakfast item. Include another very well liked and popular dish ‘koftas’ in it to enhance the taste and make your Sehri more delicious. Anda chanay Kofta is very rich-in-gravy and fulfilling when paired with freshly made phulkas. 

Meetha paratha recipe

Meetha paratha is also very mouthwatering and sweet savory to enjoy in Sehri. Your kids will particularly love this item. Add this to your Sehri table and you can miss out on one or two other dishes as they won’t be needed anymore.


We are always concerned about your ease to cook even during Ramadan. Make your Sehri dawats memorable with these very simple and quick recipes to make in a short time. Try out the recipes from and let us know about your experience.