Signs You

Signs You

Signs You

Excess of anything is bad for your health. The side effects on our human body of too much coffee intake can be subtle. Here is how the common caffeine intake is ruining your health.

You start feeling anxious

Getting ready for an upcoming event or a work deadline can boost your desire to grab a cup of coffee. Yet, the people who suffer the most from depression and anxiety avoid taking caffeine. It is due to the fact that coffee can worsen the impact of anxiety, either causing sleeplessness or be triggering your anger response. You need to try to take some deep breaths or meditate instead.

Your stomach hurts

You may link stomach pains with cramps due to spoiled food items. You must add your morning brew to that list as well. Certain components in coffee stimulate the secretion of stomach acid by your stomach cells. But, if you are susceptible that your regular coffee intake is the reason for hurting your stomach, then you need to change the consumption habits of caffeine on a regular basis.

Your heart is racing

The instant feeling of a racing heart can be a leading symptom to frighten you. It may feel like your heart is trying to get out of your ribcage. These sudden reactions of the heart are often caused by the consumption of coffee and nicotine. In some cases, a racing heart is a symptom of dizziness and even cause fainting spells. The only solution to escape from such a situation is to avoid coffee intake.

You have diarrhea

If you are going to drink two to three cups in a day of coffee, you might get diarrhea and if you find going in and out of bathroom more than usual, gradually withdraw the consumption of caffeine as it is creating a problem with your stomach.

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