Top 5 Mouth Watering Kabab Recipes That You Must Try Before This Winter Is Over

Top 5 Mouth Watering Kabab Recipes That You Must Try Before This Winter Is Over

Top 5 Mouth Watering Kabab Recipes That You Must Try Before This Winter Is Over

As we all know that the winter season has almost exited from most parts of the country and spring is peeking from right around the corner. Although spring might be the most pleasant thing to happen before the dreaded summer heat takes over, winter has a lavishness of its own. And before the winter of 2018 takes its last breath, there are some tasty and scrumptious kabab recipes by the largest and number one food network, sooperchef. Kababs are a part of a wide ranged cuisine which is prepared by skewering meat on an iron rod known as seekh. Our top five kababs are as follows:

Chicken Reshmi Kabab

The first entry on our list is one of the premium kababs that you can find on the menu of say hello to the silky and velvety chicken Reshmi kabab recipe. The name Reshmi kabab is given to it because of its soft and mushy texture as and the taste of this kabab is truly otherworldly. To keep the softness and pliability of this recipe, it is usually prepared from chicken meat, which is finely minced with spices like cumin, black pepper, and red chilies etc.

Gola Kabab

One of the most innovative and new-fangled kababs in the Pakistani cuisine is known as the gola kabab. The term gola refers to the shape of the kabab, where it looks like a meatball which is then penetrated with an iron seekh and then cooked over coals or it can even be grilled. Sometimes it is confused with the kafta kabab but the main ingredients used for the seasoning and preparation are pretty different from each other.

Chapli Kabab

Our third entry is making its way all the way from Peshawar, the city of kababs. Yes, you guessed it right; we are talking about the delectable chapli kabab. This peculiarly named chapli kabab is a flat kabab made with minced meat (all kinds of meat like chicken beef, mutton and veal are used) and then shallow fried in a pan. The name chapli is given to the kabab owing to its shape that resembles a Peshawari chappal (slipper). The popularity of chapli kabab can be understood by learning the factor that there are more than a thousand kabab eateries in Peshawar alone, that serve different types of kababs including the tasty chapli kabab.

Cheese Stuffed Chicken Kabab

This one is definitely for all the cheese enthusiasts out there who can

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