Ramzan is just around the corner and we know that you are already struggling to find easy and delicious recipes for Iftar and Sehr. We want our Iftar recipes to be super easy and tasty enough to please the hungry crowd at the Iftar table. 

If it is for one or two days, we can manage to prepare fresh and new recipes every day. But coming up with something new every day for one month, while you’re fasting yourself too, is very pressurizing. That is why; it is okay to repeat dishes as long as they are good and loved by everyone.

In this blog, we have made a list of recipes that you can make and freeze for reuse. These best make and freeze Ramzan recipes will be your support when you won’t feel like cooking or making something new. You can just take them out and fry them and a mouthwatering Iftari is prepared.

Why do you need to make and freeze recipes: 

The major reason is to save time and prepare everything in advance. Other than that, these recipes are a little time taking and preparing them on the spot every day is not possible or feasible. So if you make them in advance and freeze them, it will become very easy for you.

And don’t forget, there could be some uninvited guests at your Iftar table. Since Ramzan is the month of seeking as many blessings as you can, you might want to share your Iftar with beggars and pedestrians too. These recipes are instant and you can use them to entertain those people too.

Other than that, these will save you a lot of time while hosting a family feast too. These instant dishes will serve as some extra dishes on the menu to get you some extra points.

Most importantly, you can save time to hassle for Iftar every day and can focus on prayers, which is the real purpose of Ramazan. 

Best make and freeze recipes: 

Here are a few recipes that you can make and freeze to use for up to one month.

Make and freeze Kabab recipes:

Kababs are the most popular food item in Pakistan and your family would love it in Iftar too. Furthermore, there are various types of Kababs that you can make and serve. That includes Shami kabab, alu tikki kababs, seekh kababs Beef kabab, chapli kabab, etc. These are all very delicious and lip smacking recipes. You can make anyone or two of these and freeze them before Ramzan.

These kababs will be a very good addition to your Iftar table and will also serve as a quick Sehri recipe. Kids and adults like kababs equally so there are no restrictions in making and storing them.


The make and freeze samosa recipe also has a lot of options and varieties in it. You can make the samosa patti at home too. After that, you can fill that up with chicken, potatoes mixture, alu keema, and anything according to your preference. Then you can freeze them and fry them right before Iftar to make delicious samosas. Samosas are Iftar table’s necessity and your family won’t like not having those on the table.

For a modern twist, you can also make pizza samosas, cheese samosas, and even noodles samosa for your kids They will surely like these innovative recipes in Iftar.


Rolls are the perfect partners of your samosas. You can use the same filling for rolls too but we recommend vegetable rolls the most. Those are the very healthy and best ways to feed vegetables and nutrition to your kids. 

The only science in making rolls is their wrapping. You will get good at that with practice. So make a lot of them and enjoy them for the whole month. 


Cutlets are a very soft and juicy mixture of meat and potatoes. You can make cutlets and freeze them in advance too. To bring some drama, you can make it in different shapes to excite your kids more. The recipe for cutlets is very simple to make in the first place. So you can make them very easily and have them at your Iftar table for the whole month. Your kids won’t get bored of it. 

Make and freeze gravy recipes:

You can also make vegetable and meat gravy and freeze it. Then you will just have to add meat or vegetables to it and cook it. That will take less time to cook the whole meal. This recipe is also very simple and feasible for Ramzan and the whole year. If you’re a working lady, this recipe will become your best friend for making fresh and hygienic food within minutes, instead of making gravy from scratch every time.

In Ramazan, this recipe will save you time and energy for praying. You can use that gravy for the Iftar meal or save it for Sehri too. This will allow you to enjoy fresh food instead of eating the same dish for two days.


If your kids love meat, make them some amazingly tasty nuggets at home. Nuggets can also be made and stored in advance and you can just fry them whenever you need them. Kids prefer nuggets over every instant recipe these days. So this recipe will help you win their heart by making them their favorite fast food at home. 

Homemade nuggets will be more hygienic and healthy too. 


We hope that this list of make and freeze recipes for Iftar is helpful for you. You can find all these recipes on SooperChef’s website and make these at home. It is better to make these items at home instead of buying ready-made from the store to ensure the hygiene and health of your family members. These recipes will be very helpful for you throughout the Holy month and will allow you to fast and pray with complete focus.