Iftar menu is the main highlight of the day during Ramadan. There are some traditional recipes that have to be on the Iftar table throughout the month including Sharbats, Dates, etc. But the other dishes have to vary every day because obviously, no one can eat the same dishes for one month straight. 

Eating the same dishes and old recipes throughout Ramadan is boring. You need fresh and new Iftar ideas to try out this Ramadan. We have brought some best Iftar recipes for you so you can make your family members and kids happy. These very delicious and easy Iftar recipes are perfect to fulfill hunger cravings and keep you healthy. Home ingredients and ensures hygiene. 

The main idea of the Iftar menu:

The main idea of the menu is to have easy and simple Iftar recipes. Because you fast the whole day and till Iftar, you are already tired and exhausted. You can only make simple and quick Iftar recipes with a hungry stomach and the least energy.

So the Iftar items list that we have prepared for you consists of very simple and less time-consuming recipes so you don’t have to work too hard. But satisfying your family member’s demands and expectations is also very necessary. These suggestions will help you create a tasty, healthy, and quick Iftar menu with minimal effort.

Iftar recipes:

Try out the below-listed recipes for Iftar this Ramzan and let us know about your experience: 

Chicken Fajita parcels:

These small parcels filled with fajita flavored chicken are an absolute delight. The crispy wrap and tasty chicken along with capsicum and spices gives a very juicy and mouth watering flavor that your taste buds won’t forget. Try out this quick Iftar recipe and treat yourself.

Dahi bhalay kurkuray: 

Dahi bhalay is an Iftar table must-have dish during Ramadan. If you’re hosting a feast, your guests will surely expect Dahi bhalay on the table. Amaze them with a new flavored dahi bhalay recipe from SooperChef. Replace your papri with kurkuray toping for a change and your guests will love it.

Fruit chaat:

Fruit chaat is equally loved by younger ones and adults. It is a very simple and healthy Iftar meal. Enhance the taste of simple fruit chaat with our exclusive recipe with a crunch of spice with kurkure topping. This Iftar recipe will be a good reform in the traditional fruit chaat recipe. Filled with creams and mixed fruits, it is healthy and delicious at the same time.

Peri-peri bread roll ups: 

The new twist in the regular bread rolls recipe by adding peri peri sauce in it. Peri peri sauce gives it a lip-smacking and delicious taste and enhances its taste. It will become one of the most favorite Iftar dishes of your family from the first trial. The taste and fragrance are the irresistible and best food for Iftar. 

Fajita Kachori recipe:

Kachoris are a new trend in simple and easy recipes. They taste amazing and you can experiment with so many different ingredients while making them. Fajita kachoris are a very simple and quick Iftar recipe idea to try this Ramadan. Serve the crispy kachoris, filled with fajita flavoring and cooked chicken with hari chatni, and enjoy your Iftar.

Mac and cheese tikka samosa:

Everybody loves Mac & cheese and Samosas. Mixing them together is another great idea and could be a mouthwatering Iftar item. Fill the samosa Patti with cooked mac and cheese and fry them. That would be a great surprise for your kids to see two of their favorite dishes mixed together to form an even better Iftar item. You can follow the recipe to cook each of them separately and bring them together on SooperChef’s website

Chicken Falafal recipe:

Bring some Arabic flavor to your Iftar table with this chicken falafel recipe. You need to add this delicious recipe to your Iftar items list in order to bring some variety in cuisines. Chicken falafel will be a very tasty and luscious addition to your Iftar menu. Your family members, especially kids will love this new addition.

Corn Croquettes recipe:

It is another unusual and new Iftar recipe idea. The process to make this is not very hard and it is also a healthy Iftar recipe as it contains vegetables, corn, and chicken as main ingredients. It will be a good addition to your family feast and will get you a lot of appreciation. The dish is very unique and has a taste your guests will cherish till next Ramadan.

One bite papri chaat:

If you’re looking for something very light and yummy, one bite of papri chaat is the simplest and very tasty recipe. It is a single serving item and you might need to make too many of them because everyone at the table is going to love it.

Paratha sandwich:

If you want to eat something heavy and equal to one complete meal, the Paratha sandwich is a hygienic, tasty, and fulfilling dish for Iftar. The sandwiches' ingredients are wrapped in home-made paratha, ensure hygiene and fill you up.

Pizza samosa recipe:

Samosas are a very prominent Iftar item. You can’t replace them but can innovate them using different fillings inside the samosa patti. The pizza samosa recipe is just like that. You can add pizza sauces, toppings, cooked chicken, and cheese inside samosas and your kids will love it. Try this recipe this Ramadan and see your kids obsessing over it.


Ramadan is the month of blessings and a different routine. Your sleeping and eating schedule changes due to which people face health and stomach issues. For that, it is very important to add light but healthy items to your meals. Also, as the home manager, you might not get much time to look after yourself if you will spend most of your time in the kitchen, That is why we have compiled the luscious and easy to make recipes in this blog to help you prepare a menu that will please your family and won’t be hard on you too.