Potatoes are very rich in vitamins and minerals and tasty as well. People of every age love to eat them in different shapes and dishes. They work as an antioxidant and improves blood sugar, reduces the risk of getting a heart attack, and is good at boosting immunity too.  That makes it a very healthy and necessary vegetable. 

Potatoes are a part of our everyday diet. We use them in our routine dishes like alu ki bhujiya, alu gosht, alu matar, alu andey, etc. We love them in the form of fries too. But since they have so many benefits, no number of dishes is enough to enjoy this delicious item. 

Today we have gathered various potato recipes for you to try out. Potato tastes amazing in all of these in different ways and each one of these is worth giving a try.

Cheese potato cutlets:

Cutlets are a very handy and delicious item; especially kids love them in sandwiches. You can make potato cutlets with cheese to make them even tastier. These are very simple to make and is a freezable item so you can make and use them for months. Adding cheese into it will make them more juicy and soft. Melted cheese in cheese potato cutlets will give a heavenly taste when eaten live or wrapped in bread.

Potato fingers recipe:

Potato finger recipe is a very unique, instant, and tasty recipe. Potato finger shots not only look very appealing and nice, but they taste even nicer. The recipe is very easy and quick and would be a perfect tea-time snack for you and your family. You can also add this to your Iftar table. This recipe is good enough to make your guests go WOW!

Tornado potatoes recipe:

Tornado potato is a rising to popularity dish in Pakistan now a days. You will find street vendors selling it in markets Restaurants are also taking part in the trend and serving this dish with different chatnis. You can make this at home very easily. With our Tornado potatoes recipe, you can make everyone in your family, a fan of your amazing cooking skills. This would be a very well-received dish from your guests at your next hi-tea party.

Scalloped Potato Roll Recipe:

Speaking about new and unique recipes, you have to try out this one. This scalloped potato recipe with cheese will be a great addition to your menu and everyone will appreciate it. It is a heavenly dish for cheese lovers. It has Spanish paste and pepperoni wrapped in a potato and cheese crust. Everything that you love combined to make a lip-smacking dish. Do try this recipe and let us know how well did you like it. It will be a great evening tea companion to have a relaxing time

Loaded fried recipe:

Who doesn’t like fries? Fries are un-doubtfully the best thing ever happened to potatoes. People of every age, race, or culture unite at the table that serves fries. Since eating them in their original form only was not enough, we have discovered a loaded fries recipe to make them even more appealing. Our loaded fries recipe with cheese and mayo sauce will be an ultimate delight to you and your family. The loaded French fries recipe is quite simple but very delicious. You can literally eat it any time you want.

Frittata potato recipe:

Frittata is a pizza-like fast food snack with egg and potato dough. It looks like a pizza but tastes very different. You can amaze everyone at the table with this special and new dish. It would be a very tasty and economical replacement for pizza at your child’s birthday party. It is also very healthy as it does not include anything harmful.

Potato doughnuts recipe:

Since you love doughnuts, you are going to love these potato doughnuts as well. These are very crispy and yummy snacks made with potatoes, chicken, and spices available at home. You can imagine them as cutlets in doughnuts shape. These would be a perfect item for your kids’ lunch as they are going to love them for sure.

Churro fries:

Churro fries are fries made of mashed potatoes. These are thin long sticks made of boiled and mashed potatoes and tastes very much alike or better than French fries. The complete recipe is available on the SooperChef website and you can follow it step by step. The end product will be completely worth all the effort and you can thank us later for introducing this amazing snack to you.

Tandoori Alu:

If you are a vegetarian and wish to have more and more veggie options, this one is for you. Tandoori alu are potatoes roasted in tandoor with spices and sauces to give the tandoori chicken vibe with alu. You can have your own vegetarian BBQ party with our exclusive recipe.

Potato cheese balls:

Potato cheese balls are another very easy and loved snack for kids and adults too. You can pair them with ketchup or sauces. You can make them to satisfy your sudden snack cravings any time of the day. Your kids will love them as their evening snacks and your guests will appreciate this effort with tea.

Alu Chaat:

Who can beat the traditional alu chaat taste and craving? You can never get enough of this delicious street food. The perfect snack and a must have for the Iftar table. This full of taste and nutrients Alu chaat recipe is hygienic and beats every other expensive dish. Try out this exclusive Sooper chef recipe and decide yourself. 


Potatoes taste delicious in every shape and recipe. You can try all of these recipes and with each one, you will have a different and unique flavor, that’s the beauty of this thing.