Ramzan is un-doubtfully the most blissful month of the year, full of religious spirit and blessings. The glory of Sehri and Iftari, family and friends gatherings, the joy of fasting, and a lot of delicious food, there is so much to look forward to.  The precious month is arriving quite soon and we know you are very excited about it.

Pre Ramzan preparations include grocery shopping at the top of the list. There is so much stuff to think of and buy. Because in our culture Ramzan is associated with tasteful and too many Iftari and Sehri dishes. No table is ever complete without a variety of food items and special Ramadan dishes. 

Ramzan Preparations

For being the lady of the house, you must have started hunting for Ramadan special recipes. The most important factor for Ramzan's special recipe is simple and less time-taking to cook. Ramzan recipes are mostly very easy and convenient to make.

Not to forget, that the real purpose of Ramzan is to spend time in praying and building a strong relationship with your Creator. That is why, we shouldn’t be completely focused on cooking and hosting family feasts, but we should take time to improve our lifestyle and get more close to Allah. 

To ensure that our responsibilities and do not be a hurdle in our way of purifying our soul, the best thing is to have small and easily prepare-able Ramadan recipes on the menu. It will save our time and we can focus more on our religious obligations.  

Preparing the menu:

Now there are some traditional dishes that have been a part of our Sehri and Iftari table forever. But God forbid the new generation, they are not happy with anything. Children and sometimes grownups too demand new additions every day. 

The best strategy is to include one traditional and one or two new dishes to your everyday menu. To be honest, the new generations have come up with more simple and easy to prepare dishes than the traditional ones. These are Ramzan special recipes that are equally liked by kids and grownups. You can even make them in bulk and freeze them for future use too.

Ramzan special recipes:

The recipes for Iftari and Sehri are completely different. In Sehri, you need to have a durable and complete meal because you will be sustaining on that only for the whole day. The Summer Ramzan has approximately 12-15 hours fast, which means you need a lot of energy and courage. If you won’t maintain a healthy Sehri menu, you will be at the risk of critical health conditions and weakness and end up missing out on the blessings of the Holy month.

Iftari, on the other hand, has a lighter and bigger menu. The dishes contain spices and nutrition so that after the whole day of fasting, you can enjoy something tasty. In the traditional Iftari menu, Dahi bhaley, fruit chatt, pakoras, and samosas are the forever liked items. These are pretty easy recipes for Ramadan trending since our grandparent’s time and Iftar’s must-haves. 

Ramadan dishes list:

Ramadan special dishes have a separate menu for both Sehri and Iftari. Let’s have a look at the dishes list most popular for both times:

Ramadan Recipes for Sehri:

Sehri is eaten before sunrise. You wake up from your sleep in the middle of the night and are not in a mood to eat. But if you won’t you will be regretting that the whole day. So we recommend to have liquid in-take as much as you can. Drinking plain water is not very pleasant. So you can take liquid in other forms, such as milkshake, fresh juices, milk, etc. No Sehri is complete without lassi(yogurt drink), must add that to your meal to keep yourself in form.

Summer Ramzan and fasting can cause extreme dehydration. Taking maximum liquid will help you stay hydrated and ease fasting for you. It will keep you from falling ill due to lesser water intake too. Try to avoid spicy items and rice in Sehri, they will cause dehydration too and you will be thirsty even before Zohar time. 

Other than that, parathas are one of the Ramzan special dishes for Sehri. Eating at least one or more parathas in Sehri will help you maintain the energy to go through the day. Lachey dar parathas are very tasty  You won’t feel hungry before Asar if you will take proper meal including yogurt, Lassi, parathas, and other essentials.  

Ramadan Recipes for Iftar:

Ramzan Iftar special recipes have a very long list. The most popular Ramzan special dishes include Pakoras, samosas, fruit chatt, sharbat, Dahi bhalle, cutlets, and much more. You will find almost all or at least a few of these on every Iftar table. Desi families love hosting family feasts and these are the must-haves to entertain your guests. Everything else is just an addition.

We recommend you add egg and chicken rolls, Fajita patties, Spring rolls, Chicken bread, channa chatt, kachoris, and spaghetti to your menu this year. You will find very simple and delicious recipes to make these on SooperChef’s website. These are quite easy recipes for Ramadan and anyone can make it. 

Most of these do not even require any special ingredients. Most of the ingredients are from your kitchen so don’t think of them as a burden on the pocket.


Ramzan recipes have to be mouthwatering and fulfilling. Iftari is a reward after staying hungry for the whole day and reward should be appealing to do the struggle, right? So try out the special Ramzan dishes and let us know about your experience. You can find the best recipes on SooperChef’s website and Facebook page.