As Muslims, we look forward to the holy month of Ramadan throughout the year. Ramadan is a month of seeking blessings, becoming a better Muslim, and strengthening our relationship with the Creator. The environment and aura of the month are exciting in themselves. The hustle and bustle of Sehri and Iftari, the bigger crowds in mosques and not to forget, the busy markets and overfilled bazars, everything is just mesmerizing. The charm and delight of the holy month is something else.

While talking about the glory of Ramadan, we cannot forget about the get-together and feasts of Iftar and Sehr.  People love to celebrate every day of Ramadan with their family and friends. Iftari dawats are the main highlights of this month. People start planning even before Ramadan. That is why we have brought some amazing meal ideas for Ramadan that you can try and enjoy this year. These simple Ramadan special recipes will be loved by everyone and be your helping hand.

Ramadan recipes:

The best meals for Ramadan are the ones that are easy and time efficient. Since you will also be observing fast, so going for very hard and lengthy recipes won’t be good for your health and stamina. But not cooking yummy and tasteful food is also not an option.  So we made sure that all the Ramadan dishes ideas will not only be feasible for you to make but will also keep up with your family’s taste expectations. Let’s begin with easy Ramadan snack recipes! 

Iftar recipes:

For Iftar, after a whole day of fasting, people look for some crispy and spicy dishes on the table. As they are already starving, they like to see as many dishes as possible even if they won’t be able to eat them all. For that reason, make these very simple and easy recipes to fill the table and these are not too heavy so you can eat as much as you want.

Fajita Kachori:

Kachoris are a very crispy and simple Ramadan Iftar recipe. These are very delicious, loved by everyone, and very quick to make. You can add fajita flavor to it in order to enhance the taste. Fill the kachoris with meat, mince, vegetables, or anything as per your preference, and add a few capsicums for a different and yummy flavor. You can serve that with podina chattni and impress everyone with minimal effort.

Chinese chicken egg rolls:

Add a new taste to the regular rolls recipe with eggs and chicken. These Chinese chicken egg rolls will be your kids’ new favorite Iftar item. Make sure to make as many as you can because your guests will definitely demand more of these.

Peri-Peri bread roll ups:

Your favorite filling along with peri-peri sauce, wrapped in bread and deep fried well, will be a treat. You can add peri-peri bread roll ups in your Ramadan dishes and surprise everyone at the table. We guarantee that your family, kids, and guests would just love this new addition.

Mac & cheese samosas:

This unique combination of mixing mac & cheese with samosas will be a very great combo. The filling will be a very good surprise for everyone at the table.

Sehri recipes:

Try these fulfilling and delicious simple Ramadan food ideas in Sehri.

Meetha paratha:

Parathas are the main highlight of Sehri. People love to eat different types of parathas and meetha paratha is the favorite one. You can make it with sugar and oil, it will keep you fulfilled till Iftar time.

Chicken cheese paratha:

Fill your paratha with chicken and cheese mixture and make a delicious Ramadan dish. You can make it very easily in the morning as the recipe is simple and quick. 

French toast recipe:

Bread dipped in egg, milk, and sugar and fried in oil is a very classic and loved recipe. People around the world love it and it will be a great addition to your Sehri table.

Lachaydar paratha:

Ditch the regular paratha with this new style lacheydar paratha for a crispier and better taste. It is cooked just like regular paratha. Pair it with any salan, qeema, or eat it with dahi. It will be a perfect morning meal for everyone in the house.

Anda kofta channay:

If you can’t survive without eating a complete meal, you can try out this anda channa kofta gravy recipe to eat with roti in Sehri. This dish is enough for a full meal and a very tasty breakfast item.

Drinks for Ramadan:

Now, after dishes to eat, the next question is to include healthy and tasty drinks in your menu for both, Sehri and Iftari. There are a few drinks that you can have in the morning and at the Iftar time too.


Made with crushed almonds, the drink is very healthy and tasty. You can have it in Sehri and Iftari. It will prevent stomach heat and keep your body fresh and energetic. It tastes so delicious that one glass is never enough.

Watermelon Juice:

The best time to have watermelon juice is in Iftar. It will restore your energy and keep you fresh after a long fasting day. It is very healthy and good for your skin too.

Keri ka sharbat: 

It is another very refreshing and hydrating drink. You can have Keri ka sharbat either time too. It will keep you hydrated throughout the day and will re-boost your senses in the evening. 


No Sehri is complete without Lassi. You can’t miss this drink in Sehri. It keeps you hydrated and helps you survive the day without feeling thirsty. Lassi is a traditional yogurt drink, liked everywhere in Pakistan. It is a very delicious and tasteful drink to beat the summer heat. 


We hope you liked these Ramadan food ideas. You can find all these recipes on Try out these quick recipes to make your Ramadan menu special.